learning to pause

Learning to Pause

A little over a month ago I was scrolling through the “write31days” Facebook group when Jessica’s name caught my eye. Well, it wasn’t so much the name, but that she lived in my town. I clicked her profile and we had mutual friends y’all! Of course I sent her a friend request, because that is totally […]


All About That Book

  It has been months since I have visited this place. And it feels strange and wrong and right all at the same time to be here again. I know the reasons why I stayed away and I want to write them all out, in fact the words spin in my head so fast it’s […]


God Gave You the Sun

The sky has been gray and dark and the rain has fallen for days. I am not sure when we last saw the sun cast shadows. It feels like Seattle with the cold and the rain and the dark. Except it’s not. And seasonal affective disorder might just being setting in, or maybe I am […]

tree lights

Christmas trees, Charlie Brown, and Advent.

It’s an unwinding of lights today. The Christmas tree stands with spiders and dust and broken lights and odors you just do not want in your house. It’s an unstringing. And Charlie Brown’s voice catches my ear. It’s full of sadness and longing. He wonders is Christmas all about money? About what and how much […]